Christian Science Healing

Christian Science heals through divine laws. It is the Science of the Christianity that Jesus lived and taught. It explicitly recognizes man as created in God’s image (see Genesis 1:27), that God is Spirit (see John 4:24), not a physical being, and that God is all-in-all and almighty. The proof is in changed and improved lives; morally, spiritually, and physically.

Christian Science healing comes through scientific prayer, or spiritual communion with God. It is specific treatment. Such prayer recognizes a patient's direct access to God's love and discovers more of the consistent operation of God's law of health and wholeness on his/her behalf. It knows God, or divine Mind, as the only healer. It brings the transforming action of the Christ, the idea of divine Love, to the patient's consciousness. A transformation or spiritualization of a patient's thought changes his/her condition (see Science and Health, p. 194:6). An on-line directory is available to help you locate a Christian Science Practitioner. The men and women who advertise in the directory are devoted full-time to helping others through the prayer-based system explained in the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, experienced in the healing ministry of Christian Science, and available to give treatment through prayer for life challenges. You will find the directory here.

Christian Science healing has been practiced effectively in the Riverside area for more than 120 years. In some families, Christian Science has been the means of healing and care for five generations. The Fruitage section of Science and Health includes a testimony of healing by Alice J. Gifford, an early member of the Riverside Christian Science community, on page 619. Her testimony appeared in the April 1, 1905, issue of the Christian Science Sentinel  on page 492. During the past 112 years, more than 50,000 authenticated testimonies of healing have been published in the monthly and weekly Christian Science periodicals. Many of these have medical verification. In addition, thousands of accounts of healing are given each week at Wednesday testimony meetings in Christian Science churches around the world. Three books, Healing Spiritually, A Century of Christian Science Healing, published by The Christian Science Publishing Society, and Spiritual Healing in a Scientific Age by Robert Peel (San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1987), give detailed accounts of verified healings.
You can find the complete accounts of the following verified healings in the Christian Science periodicals. Copies are available in our Reading Room and a librarian would be happy to help you locate specific testimonies. A few of the more-recent testimonies are available on-line.
Check back, we will be expanding this list to include all published healings in the Riverside (Inland Empire) area from 1960 to today. The following list is just a start (you can click on the words in tan to view additional on-line resources):

Blood Clot – Healed, (video) December, 2007, Journal, pgs. 35-37, author - J.S.

An Injury Healed and a Life Renewed, (medically diagnosed broken neck – healed), June 3, 2002 Sentinel, pgs. 24-25, author - C.Y.

Burn Quickly Healed Through Prayer, August 3, 2009, Sentinel, pg. 24, author - J.S.

Quick Healing of Cold Symptoms, May 3, 2010, Sentinel, pgs. 25-26, author - J.S.
I Refused to Let Fear Impress Me  (protection from being burned), September 6, 2010, Sentinel, pgs. 25-26, author - K.S.
Other examples of healings in the Riverside area:

Healing of Spinal Meningitis,  October 22, 1960, Sentinel, pgs. 1887-1888, Mrs. Janet Averill, Arlington, CA and her mother Mrs. Nellie H. Martin  
Healing of Ulcers, Smoking, and Operation Not Needed!  January, 1960, Journal, pgs. 46-47, Mrs. Cosette E. Colby, Palmdale  
Employment Quickly Found and Severe Hemorrhaging Healed!  January, 1961, Journal, pgs. 51-52, Mrs. Doris M. Johnson, Idyllwild

Healed of Tonsillitis, Social Drinking and Smoking, August 19, 1961, Sentinel, pgs. 1448-1450, Homer O. Griffith, Redlands, CA

Healed of Hemorrhaging, January 1963, Sentinel, graduatepgs. 122-123, Mrs. Grace B. Shipman, Fontana, CA

Healed of Accident Injuries and Employment Restored , July 1963, Sentinel, pgs. 1179-1181, Mrs. Edna B. Hartmann, Redlands, CA

Healed of Colds and Foot Injury, August 1963, Sentinel, pgs. 1362-1363, Mrs. Ruby J. Lund, Fontana

Healed of Tonsillitis, Employment Problems, and Electrocution, August 1963, Sentinel, pgs. 1404-1406, Mrs. Ruth Barlow Simons, San Bernardino, CA

Healed of Nervous Breakdown and Influenza, August 1963, Sentinel, pgs. 1497-1498, Odin T. Lund, Fontana, CA

Healing of Sorrow and Lack of Supply, Sept. 1963, Sentinel, pgs. 1671-1673, Mrs. Merle Deane Rice, Riverside, CA

Healing of Tonsillitis and Severe Cut, Oct. 1963, Sentinel, pgs. 1802-1803, Mrs. Marguerite L. Cope, Hemet Many Significant Healings, January 11, 1964, Sentinel, pg. 85, Mrs. Rebecca J. Jones, Riverside, CA

Business Difficulties and Abdominal Pain Healed, February 8, 1964, Sentinel, pg. 257, George Julius Jungclaus, Palm Desert, CA

Healing of Electrical Shock, May 23, 1964, Sentinel, pg. 921, A. Lee Moore, Yucaipa, CA Stolen Book Safely Returned!  January, 1965, Journal, pgs. 273-274, Mrs. Jane Clark Walker, Redlands  
Hernia Completely Healed and False Apetites Abolished!  May, 1965, Journal, pgs. 273-274, John Alfred Clark, Ontario

Painful Accident Healed, January 29, 1966, Sentinel, pg. 2057, Mrs. Ethel Stickles, Palm Springs, CA

Mental and Physical Health Restored, January 29, 1966, Sentinel, pg. 199, Mrs. Gladys H. Roseberry, Palmdale, CA

Broken Bone and Other Physical Problems Healed, May 14, 1966, Sentinel, pg. 858, Walter Sutton, Riverside, CA Severe Injury from Accident Healed, Lost Items Found!  July 1966, Journal, pgs. 386-387, Mrs. Florence B. Waddle, Palmdale  
Injuries from Accident and Rheumatic Fever Healed!  August 1966, Journal, pgs. 441-442, Miss Ruth Parmont Eames, Claremont Migraine Headaches, Grief, Smoking Habit, and Broken Finger Healed!  August 1966, Journal, pgs. 491-493, Mrs. Lela Ruth Northup and Glenn A. Northup, Los Angeles/Riverside
Lung Condition and Burns Healed, October 22, 1966, Sentinel, pg. 1879, Miss Frances M. Cone, Idyllwild, CA

Severe Cold Healed, April 29, 1967, Sentinel, pg. 730, Mr. Kathrine DeC. Chapman, Claremont, CA

Travel Difficulties Solved and Facial Blemish Healed, August 19, 1967, Sentinel, p. 1435, Richard E. Lyons, Riverside, CA

Smoking, Drinking and Backache Healed, September 2, 1967, Sentinel, pgs. 1525, Richard Adam, Beaumont, CA

Rheumatic Fever, Broken Bones, and Severe Cut Healed, September 9, 1967, Sentinel, pg. 1569, Mrs. Mina W. Conklin, Yucaipaskow Injuries from Accident and Rheumatic Fever Healed!  August 1966, Journal, pgs. 441-442, Miss Ruth Parmont Eames, Claremont Two Severe Medical Diagnosis Healed in Christian Science!  February 1968, Journal,pgs. 107-108, Mrs. B. Lee Davidsson and Luther C. Davidsson, Riverside    
New Teeth Grow Back with Prayer and Study!  April 1968, Journal, pgs. 216-217, John Keggins, San Bernardino
Healing of Blindness, October 26, 1968, Sentinel, pg. 1880, John R. Stromgren, Riverside, CA Complete Healing of the Inability to Walk!  November 1968, Journal, pgs. 602-603, George A. Mitchell, San Bernardino
Healed of Thyroid Condition, February 15, 1969, Sentinel, pg. 289, Mrs. Catherine L. Ames, Chino, CA

Decision to Take Class Instruction Rectified, November 1, 1969, Sentinel, pg. 1923, Angelyn Blanchard, Riverside, CA

Healing of (Doctor Diagnosed) Crippling Arthritis, July 11, 1970, Sentinel, pg. 1212, Frank Miceli, Riverside, CA

Cancerous Condition on Lip Healed, October 10, 1970, Sentinel, pgs 1788-89, Robert B. Lundy, Hemet, CA

Healing of (Doctor Diagnosed) Pleuresy, October 10, 1970, Sentinel, pg. 1789, Marie Lundy, Hemet, CA

Doctor Diagnosed Ulcers Healed, April 1971, Sentinel, pg. 776, James Crittendon Hunt, Yucaipa, CA Eye Injury, Measels, Throat Infection, Ned for Glasses--All Healed!  April 1971, Journal, pgs. 214-215, Mrs. Clara L. Walker, San Bernardino

Migraine, Bee Stings and (Doctor Diagnosed) Pneumonia Healed, May 15, 1971, Sentinel, pg. 865, May A Seimears, San Bernardino, CA Broken Bones and Decayed Tooth Completely Healed! May 1971, Journal, pgs. 275-276, George J. Reed, San Bernardino
Numerous Healings, including: Rheumatic Fever, A Difficult Childbirth, and Chronic Neuralgia, May 22, 1971, Sentinel, pgs. 908-910, Laura S. Fletcher, Downey, CA and sister Frances Sevaly, Riverside, CA 

Concussion and Broken Bones Healed, August 23, 1971, Sentinel, pgs. 1880-1881, Miss Sally Ann Robinson and mother Marjorie Ann Robinson, Running Springs, CA

Child’s Severe Illness Healed Along With a Smoking Habit! December 1971, Journal, pgs. 664-665, Mrs. Dorothy S. Lamb and A. La Verne Lamb, Riverside

Childhood Diseases and Broken Bones Healed!, March 1972,  Journal, pg. 158-159, Mrs. Joy V. Heinlein, Glendale Wisconsin, Mrs. Virginia Stuebe, Redlands, CA

Financial Ruin Overturned, Grateful Healing of Accident, February 1972,  Journal, pgs. 104-106, William M. Skow and Helen A. Skow, Hesperia, CA

Back Problems and the Need for Glasses Healed, July 29, 1972, Sentinel, pgs. 1356-1357, Mrs. Ruby E. Offenbecker, Hemet, CA

Chronic Colds, Constipation, Fear of Public Speaking, and Headaches Healed, October 14, 1972, Sentinel, pgs. 1835-1837, Mrs. Katherine Dunn, Desert Hot Springs, CA

Medically Verified Bone Break Immediately Mended and Childbirth Difficulties Healed, October 21, 1972, Sentinel, pgs. 1883-1884, Mrs. Jane Cunliffe Hammond, Claremont, CA

Doctor’s X-ray Showed Incurable Bone Disease Healed, November 18, 1972, Sentinel, pgs. 2055-2056, Mrs. Garnet Storms Benjamin, Lewston, ID and Mrs. Garnet R. Hollen, Blythe, CA

Crippled Condition, Infections and Inflammation All Healed!, May 1973, Journal,  pg. 307, Mrs. Hazel McConnell Wright, Palm Spring, CA  

Severe Drug Abuse Healed After Finding Christian Science, June 2, 1973, Sentinel, pgs. 960-961, Jon Kilpatrick, Riverside, CA

Abscessed Tooth and Severe Arthritis Healed, September 29, 1973, Sentinel, pgs. 1712-1713, Robert Dale Miller, Yucaipa, CA

Healing of Debt, Lack of Employment and Business Dealings, November 3, 1973, Sentinel, pgs. 1927-1928, Harold M. Mannheimer, Sun City, CA

Medically Diagnosed Tuberculosis and Dropsy Healed, November 10, 1973, Sentinel, pgs. 1969-1970, Mrs. Gertrude O’Brien, Yucca Valley, CA

Healing of Incurable Diabetes, Arthritis and Heart, Liver, and Stomach Disorders, plus Smoking and Business Problems Resolved, November 17, 1973, Sentinel, pgs. 2014-2016, William Paulin, Desert Hot Springs, CA

Learning Difficulties, Injuries from Car Accident and Other Problems Healed, December 1, 1973, Sentinel, pgs. 2103-2104, Mrs. Susan M. Stafford, Barstow, CA

Medically Diagnosed Incurable Condition Healed by Reading the Chapter “Prayer” in Science and Health, February 16, 1974, Sentinel, pgs. 293-294, Mrs. Belle W. Cushing, Yucaipa, CA

Medially Diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis Healed! September 28, 1974, Sentinel, pgs. 1701-1702, Mrs. Sallie J. Elder and husband Lawrence L. Elder, Palm Desert, CA

Need for Glasses Healed, As Well As Injuries from Car Accident, December 14, 1974, Sentinel, pgs. 2192-2193, Mrs. Grace B. Shipman, Rialto, CA

Several Healings Including That of Gangrene, March 15, 1975, Sentinel, pgs. 506-507, Mrs. Frieda Weintraub, Hemet, CA

Injuries from Accident, Polio Symptoms, Hearing Problems, and Abscessed Tooth All Healed!  September 6, 1975, Sentinel, pgs. 1578-1579, Gordon J. Crane, Palm Desert, CA

Smoking Habit and Infection Healed, Plus Protection During Wartime Flight!, February 1976, Journal, pgs. 102-103, John T. Porter Jr., Palm Springs, CA  

Pain, Broken Rib, Crushed Toe, and Flu All Healed, July 17, 1976, Sentinel, pg. 1258, Mrs. Margaret P. Negus, Fallbrook

Lack of Home and Need of Income Solved—Also Injured Wrist Healed, October 2, 1976, Sentinel, pgs. 1732-1734, Mrs. Leah Leona Houser, Riverside

Hemorrhoids, Smoking Habit, and Migraine Headaches All Healed, January 1, 1977, Sentinel, pgs. 34-35, Mrs. Mabel Rosenkranz, Fallbrook

Childbirth, Infection Healed, Also Child’s Injury!, June 1977, Journal,  pgs. 352-353, Mrs. Joyce Miller Erkenbery, Hemet, CA

Serious Childhood Injuries from a Fall Completely Healed, December 19, 1977, Sentinel, pgs. 2183-2184, Mrs. Mary Ann Dittman, Barstow

Doctor Diagnosed Stomach Obstruction in Infant Completely Healed, January 2, 1978, Sentinel, pgs. 29-30, Mrs. Ethel S. Trueman, Claremont and Richard Tueman

Infant Child Restored to Wholeness and Mental Surgery Successful!, December 1978, Journal,  pgs. 756-757, Mrs. Marjorie MaCartney and Earle MaCartney, Palm Desert, CA

Near Paralysis and Appendicitis Healed, March 19, 1979, Sentinel, pgs. 493-494, Mrs. Marie Strong Slingerland, Rialto and Cyro W. Slingerland

Protection from Severe Fall and Incurable Gum Disease Healed, March 26, 1979, Sentinel, pgs. 539-540, G. Stanley Hammond, Claremont

Rheumatic Fever and Broken Hip (Medically Diagnosed) Healed, March 16, 1981, Sentinel, pg. 461, Jeanne K. Martin, Claremont, CA

Fear of Public Speaking and Child’s Bad Behavior and Rash Healed!, July 1981, Journal,  pgs. 419-420, Angelyn G. Blanchard and Robert Blanchard, Riverside, CA

Son Healed of Small Pox, Pink Eye and Sore Throat and Coughing, July 29, 1985, Sentinel, pg. 1286, Gloria Lee Kilpatrick, San Bernardino, CA

Head Injury Healed and Fearful, Painful Condition Returned to Normal!, August 1981, Journal,  pgs. 481-482, Mark Ruble and Tabitha Ruble, Claremont, CA

Healing of Flu and Smoking Habit, November 30, 1981, Sentinel, pgs 2060, Edna Buchser, Sun City, CA

Severe Injury, Inability to See and Debilitating Problems All Healed!, November 1982, Journal,  pgs. 671-672, Gladys I. Gage, Idyllwild, CA  

Physical Healing of Cold and Rash Healed, Lifelong Work Established!, February 1983, Journal,  pgs. 105-106, Helen Rose, Palm Springs, CA  

Healed of Pain and Inability to Stand, Sit, Walk or Talk, October 31, 1983, Sentinel, pg. 1885, Charles, E. Amerman, Yucaipa, CA
Cold, Faintness Healed, Career Choice Arranged Through Prayer!, September 1984, Journal,  pgs. 572-573, Lynn Aldrich Gray, Hemet, CA  

Giving Up All Medications and Becoming A Christian Science Nurse!, December 1984, Journal,  pgs. 757-758, Myrtice R. Daugherty, Joshua Tree, CA  

Son’s Severe Throat and Ear Condition Healed, Plus Other Healings!, March 1985, Journal,  pgs. 207-208, Susan M. Bates, Riverside & David Bates, San Diego, CA 

Seven Year-Old Son Healed of Large Lump on Face and Neck, May 27, 1985, Sentinel, pg. 896, Yvonne Burnett, Hemet, CA

Hearing Loss Healed, July 22, 1985, Sentinel, pg. 1247, Cecilia Sharp, Ontario, CA

Child’s Burns Completely Healed, Also Ear Infection and Leg Condition!, August 1985, Journal,  pgs. 536-538, Lucille F. Hutchison, Earl Hutchinson & Carolyn Caldwell, Montclair, CA 

Various Healings While Growing Up! September 18, 1995, Sentinel, pg. 38, Matthew Lockhart, Hemet

Several Severe Conditions Healed Including Injury and Heart Disease!, February 1986, Journal,  pgs. 116-117, David Lavender & Laura Pearson Lavender, Hemet, CA  

Broken Arm Healed and Finding a Home Solved, April 28, 1986, Sentinel, pgs. 784-787, Frank B. Webber, Fallbrook

Healing of Ptomaine Poisoning and A Child Not Breathing!, May 1986, Journal,  pgs. 294-295, Mary L. Pierse and Thomas O. Pierce, Morongo Valley, CA

Physical Problems and Work Place Troubles Resolved!, June 1986, Journal,  pgs. 367-368, Helen Thomas, Long Beach & Marjorie Ann Busby, Twenty-Nine Palms, CA  

Numerous Fears and Nervous Exhaustion Healed Permanently, July 28, 1986, Sentinel, pgs. 1404-1406, Irene N. Hardcastle, Fallbrook

Lost Dog Found Through God’s Guidance, August 4, 1986, Sentinel, pgs. 1450-1452, William Olvis, Redlands

Nosebleeds, Lame Leg, Abdomen Pain—All Healed!, September 1986, Journal,  pgs. 578-580, Judith M. Little, La Verne, CA

Severe Heart Disease and Fear of Death Healed!, November 1986, Journal,  pgs. 692-694, Lawrence Albert Spector, La Quinta, CA  

Use of Arm and Hand Recovered and Financial Problems Rectified, March 30, 1987, Sentinel, pgs.40-41, Ellen Rubins, Fallbrook

Fingers Healed After Being Slammed in Car Door, November 16, 1987, Sentinel, pgs. 36-37, Mica Joy Heard, Riverside and Gail Heard, mother 

Fainting Spells Overcome and Painful Discomfort Healed! January 1988, Journal, pgs. 38-39, Frank DeMarco, Highland

Numerous Serious Physical Conditions Healed, Including Cancer! January 1989,  Journal, pgs. 42-43, Sadie Phelps Robertson, Palm Springs

Facial Paralysis Completely Healed! January 16, 1989, Sentinel, pg. 37, Phyllis Al Halferty and Guy Halferty, Apple Valley

Invalidism and Fear of Death Overcome! June 19, 1989, Sentinel, pgs. 39-40, Wellington Scranton Jr., Big Bear Lake

Physical Healing While in Graduate School, May 27, 1991, Sentinel, pg. 38, Richard Pierce Onderdonk, Claremont, CA

Healing of Accident While on Active Duty in the Military, September 2, 1991, Sentinel, pg. 39, Barton Buckner, Riverside, CA Painful Back Condition Healed!  February 1992, Journal, pgs. 41-42, Robyn Frye Protzman, Fallbrook Many Healings Including a Back Injury!  September 1992, Journal,  pg. 56, Arlene Lundy, Rialto Severe Foot Injury Healed!  October 1992, Journal, pgs. 46-47, Ruth Collins Baird, La Quinta

Pregnancy and Birth of Child Harmonious!  October 1992, Journal, pgs. 47-48, Dyane Protzman Dawson, Temecula Inability to Move Arms Healed and Loss of Diamond Found!  October 1993, Journal, pgs. 59-60, Jacqueline Fay Lockwood, Hemet Twenty Years of Knee Pain Healed!  November 1993, Journal, pgs. 59-60, Dora D. Davis, Hemet Severe Heart Condition Completely Healed!  April 1994, Journal, pg. 59, Suell S. Skinner, Yucca Valley Arm and Shoulder Pain Healed, Plus Growth in Ear Disappeared!  January 13, 1997, Sentinel, pgs. 35-36, Bert Howmann, Crestline Headaches, Chronic Cough, and Lump All Healed!  January 20, 1997, Sentinel, pgs. 37-38, Mary H. Reed, San Bernardino Protection from Gun’s Bullet!  June 16, 1997, Sentinel, pgs. 35-37, Patricia M. Curtis, Palmdale Headaches and Strep Throat Beautifully Healed!  July 28, 1997, Sentinel, pgs. 38-39, Virginia L. Stuebe, Redlands Fall and Bitten Lip Completely Healed!  October 27, 1997, Sentinel, pgs. 38-39, Wayne and Suzanne Ingram, Ontario

Concussion, Ear Infections, and Insect Stings All Healed!   March 1998, Journal,  pg. 46, Marjorie F. M. Jordon, Idyllwild Recurring Back Pain Permanently Healed!  March 16, 1998, Sentinel, pg. 22, Richard Louis Le Poidovin, Canyon Lake Protection from Fire and Other Healings!  April 6, 1998, Sentinel, pgs. 20-21, Dorothy Ashen Paisley, Palm Desert Symptoms of Spinal Meningitis Cured!  June 1, 1998, Sentinel, pgs. 22-23, Ann Butland Buettner, Fallbrook Safety Following a Car Accident!  July 5, 1999, Sentinel, pg. 22, Marilyn DeWitt Sturing, Lake Elsinore A Lifetime of Blessings – Free of Headaches!  August 21, 2000, Sentinel, pg. 23, Robert Charles Koehler, Murrieta
Thinking of God’s Nature – Irritation Healed,January 15, 2001, Sentinel, pg. 22, Stacy Gordon, La Verne Able to See Normally, February, 19 2001, Sentinel, pg. 21, Richard C. Kelley, Hemet Child’s Dislocated Arm Quickly Healed, September 17, 2001, Sentinel, pgs. 23-24, Phyllis A. Gray, Hemet Facial Lump Dissolved Through Prayer, May 19, 2003, Sentinel, pgs. 24-25, C. Edward Langton, Temecula   Seasonal Colds and Flu Subsided, December 6, 2004, Sentinel, pgs. 24-25, Robert Gilbert, Upland
 Chest Pains Quickly Healed, February 7, 2005, Sentinel, pgs. 24-25, Ronald Butler, Upland  Persistent Prayer Brings Healing (of Circulation Problem), August 15, 2005, Sentinel, pgs. 24-25, pgs. 24-25, Faith Donavin, Cherry Valley
Healing Lessons from the Story of Daniel (Growth from Body Eliminated), March 6, 2006, Sentinel, pgs. 24-25, Pam Willoughby, Claremont God Governs My Life 100% (Instantaneous Healing of Collapse),)! July 17, 2006, Sentinel, pgs. 24-25, Charles Edward Langton, Temecula   Restored to Health Through Pr